Reiki Good Vibes

About Us

About Us

Reiki Good Vibes is part of the Houston International Wellness Center located in The Galleria Area in Houston, TX. We are a full service wellness organization led by Dr. Patrick Price. The variety of services offered by our company as well as our association with other wellness providers will make your journey to wellness as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Our wellness center has several spiritual advisors that can help you with your spiritual and emotional challenges. We offer in person healing sessions as well as zoom/phone sessions for your convenience.


Our mission is to expand our unique form of healing practices to all those who are in need of this type of specialty work. We aim to provide spiritual work to all those who do not respond well to allopathy medicine methods. We also strive to educate the general public about the many methods of spiritual healing that are complementary to all other wellness practices.


Our vision is that more people will adopt and use spiritual wellness practices in their journey to healing themselves. We also see a future where spiritual wellness methods become a mainstream form of healing and maintenance of the human body. Prevention becomes the future of spiritual wellness.


What Our Clients Say

" I tried Reiki at the advice of a friend. Pain level from my spine was very high and did not respond to other treatments. After 5 Reiki sessions the pain level was greatly reduced and now feel comfortable without pain medication. Thank you Reiki! "

Karen M

" Every session was special to me! I would walk in with tension in my body and walk out feeling like I had enjoyed a relaxing day at the spa! It was a unique experience each time I went back. One time I had pain around my heart chakra for a long time that simply would not go away. After a few sessions, the pain finally disappeared! I am so fascinated with what Reiki can do, that I will be taking Reiki classes to learn how to heal myself "

Stefany M